We Can't Promote Device Recycling Alone


Give Back Program

Socially Responsible Recycling
Helping People and the Planet, Together.

A better Apple & Android Recycling concept can help create a better world.

Through the Tetchy Tech 'Give Back' Program, we give to multiple organizations — each helping people or the planet in a much needed way. Every time you sell or give back any device, you can contribute to a cause.

There are two ways to participate in this program.

When you sell your device on Tetchy Tech, you can elect to have us contribute the full value of a device to a participating organization of your choice - simply by selecting the “Give Back” option and following this path. Not some of the amount, but all of it! Every penny goes to the organization participating in the program.

Alternatively, if you decide to pay yourself instead of an organization by following the "Get Paid" option, Tetchy Tech pledges to contribute 5% of all of the money paid out to consumers that elect to pay themselves for their devices to a 'Give Back Fund' - which will be distributed to all 'Give Back' Program participants. This doesn't reduce the amount of your offer or payout - but is part of Tetchy Tech's commitment to the support the community that supports us all.

Tetchy Tech is committed to changing the way we all think about selling, reusing, and recycling old and unwanted devices. And we know that we need your help. If we are successful, it will be because of you. It will be because you believe in our story and give us the chance to prove that we can provide a great experience and make the World a better place at the same time.

We are calling this movement “Socially Responsible Recycling” - in an effort to squash the common misunderstanding that a company cannot be both profitable and give back to the community at the same time. We invite you to join us – and be a part of the revolution.