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Selecting 'Get Paid' will allow you to receive the value of your device via the payment method of your choice. Choose from check, e-check, or paypal payment options.
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Selecting 'Give Back' will allow you to choose an organization that will receive the full value of your device. Choose from a wide variety of organizations that support the causes you care about - or let us choose for you.
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Everything Works and Is Fully Functional
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Your device is fully functional and proper working condition in all aspects. This includes: buttons, ports, battery (battery life is at least 70% of factory capacity), headphone jack, wifi, bluetooth, touch ID, digitizer, external speaker, vibrate switch, cameras, and all other hardware on the device.

Please note: In order to get full value for your device it must come with all parts including (if applicable): stylus, removable battery and back plate. Apple TVs must come with the power cable and remote to receive full value.
Broken or Damaged
Something Doesn’t Work, Has Physical Damage, or Missing Parts
Select broken if:
Device does not turn on, battery isn't in proper working order, has a cracked, discolored, delaminated, or damaged screen/LCD, is bent, has major scuffs, dents, or deep scratches, has any signs of water damage, or any other defects which prevent the hardware from fully functioning.

Please note: Devices that are in pieces, missing internal hardware or parts cannot be accepted and have a value of $0 (zero).
Minimum offer value not met. Sorry - we can only provide this service when the total device value is over $25.00. Try adding another device.
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