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About Us

Tetchy Tech Team

If you look up the British word ‘Tetchy’, you will find a very concise definition—“bad-tempered and irritable.” Today, the cell phone buy back industry is ripe with competitors that are offering a sub par experience that often leads to disappointment. The stories we hear (and we’re guessing the ones you hear too) have an unfortunate similarity. People are promised one price, only to have that price reduced when their device is received, examined, and graded on a very subjective scale. A price is offered to the seller based on a vague definition of “good” that probably can’t be met, and then the seller is forced to either accept a lower price or have the device returned to them and start over again. This practice is done at the expense of you, the consumer, and benefits no one except the company’s bottom line—leaving you in a rather tetchy mood. We realized that in order to provide a service that will keep you coming back, we would have to do things differently, something above and beyond the current status quo in the industry.

Tetchy Tech was officially launched in January 2015 with a simple three part mission:

  • Deliver the absolute best experience possible for consumers to sell their old or unwanted device.
  • Provide a platform for sellers to give back to the organizations that are making a difference in their lives and communities.
  • Do what we can to help our environment by keeping old and unwanted devices out of landfills and getting them to the people that can use them.

Tetchy Tech aims to deliver on the first part of our mission by providing a simple offer and purchase process, paying premium prices, and making shipping your device to us cost and stress free.

Our Give Back program was created to fulfill the second part of our mission. When you sell your device to us, you can elect to have us contribute the amount that we would otherwise pay you to an organization of your choice. Not some of the amount, but all of it! Every penny that we would have paid you goes to the organization. Additionally, Tetchy Tech has pledged to give 5% of all of the money paid out to consumers for their devices when they elect to pay themselves. So, even if you choose to have us pay you, you’re still giving back.

We are committed to changing the way we all think about selling, reusing, and recycling old and unwanted devices. And we know that we need your help. If we are successful, it will be because of you. It will be because you believe in our story and give us the chance to prove that we can provide a great experience and make the World a better place at the same time. We are calling this movement “socially responsible recycling” in an effort to squash the common misunderstanding that a company cannot be both profitable and give back to the community at the same time. We invite you to join us and be a part of the revolution.