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What should I do before sending my device to Tetchy Tech?

To ensure the fastest possible processing and payment for your device, please review the checklist below before sending your device to Tetchy Tech.

You must: If your offer is for an unlocked phone, make sure to complete the unlocking process through your carrier.

If your device has cellular service, remove the SIM card or deactivate through your carrier and pay the balance of your bill.

Turn off device tracking (i.e. Find My iPhone, Samsung Reactivation Lock, Google Lock) and remove password. If you do not complete this, it can restrict the device to your account and prevent us from inspecting it. For Apple device, turn it off in the iCloud settings menu. For Samsung phones, check the security settings.

We recommend that you: Save and backup your data, photos, and files. If your device has an SD card, remove it. SD cards that are sent in with a device are not able to be returned.

Send only your device(s): Please do not send any extra items that you did not submit online. We cannot pay you for additional items or accessories, nor can they be returned to you.

Make sure your device is in good standing: Please note that we do not accept devices that have been reported lost or stolen. Devices that we receive which have been reported lost or stolen will be sent back to you with no payout or turned into local law enforcement if we are advised to do so.